Wilbur (The Pizza Delivery from Beyond!)

Wilbur being kicked out of the Pizza Delivery Monster's car

Wilbur is a brown monkey shown in the comic story of The Pizza Delivery from Beyond!, it appears as Shaggy Rogers & Scooby Doo tricks the Pizza Delivery Monster with their fake S & S Pizza stand to think he actually works for them. They add the monkey to the monster's delivery car with many fake pizza cartons and ask him to take Wilbur back to Coolsville Zoo while he delivers those pizzas since it is past his bedtime, the monster agrees and while driving towards there, he realizes he got fooled so he brakes in surprise which causes both Wilbur and the fake pizza delivery to fell out from the car alongside a clue - Benjy's Pizza Barn's annual pizza-eating contest trophy.

Wilbur is never seen nor mentioned in that story again, and there is no hint how Shaggy and Scooby got him out of the Zoo in the first place since they were shown waiting alone outside the Rogers home to Vito's pizza delivery just a page earlier.

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