The Skelemen
Size Variable
Features Cyclops

Ultra Violet Fabric,

Purple coloured,


Villain Actual Monster of Monsters Unleashed
The Skeletemen 9/16/1978
Scooby-Doo and the Mystery of the Burmeda Triangle 10/9/2001
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed 3/26/2004
Voice Actors Wally Wingert (Green eyed)

Dee Bradley Baker (Red eyed)

The Skelemen were original costume villains of Mystery Inc. and appeared countlessly in the animated series from 1960 to the present,in the episode A Creepy Tangle in Bermuda Triangle.

They were translated to one of the two big screen adaptions and one of four live action films.

The Skelemen as were twins in being the red eye was the leader of the dynamic duo and the green eye was the clumsy one constantly alienated by his brother showing their poor loack in teamwork which ultimately lead to their downfall.

The Three SkelemenEdit

The brothers alinged with another criminal during their villainous reign and all donned the costumes of what appeared to be an actual sketela trio of monsters.

They were thwarted by Mystery Inc. and imprisoned along with their suprising partner for their petty sins and misdeeds.

Internationational Organization of ThievesEdit

The International housed the brothers and inspired their terror reign under the guise of the Skelemen. The Mystery Inc only ever caught some of those affiliated with the big organization trying to prove that illicit crime would not be thwarted by meddling kids and their dumb dog.

Monsters UnleashedEdit

Jonathan Jacobo of the pterodactyl ghost fame underwent the guise in the second live action film and last to hit cinema instalment of the evil masked figure who stole the Coolsonian Criminology Museum costumes of the original villains that the Mystery Inc. unmasked over the years all the way back to Jeremiah Wickles, the original Black Knight Ghost.

The Skelemen was the fourth and fifth monster using the Randemonium and the carbon based carbonic predators generation.

The Skelemen however, were the clumsyist of all the actual beasts unleashed and henceforth were seen temporarily more fighting each other than doing the mission.

Notes: In Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, the 2 Skelemen were called Skeleton Men

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