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Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School is the Third Scooby Doo Animated Movie air on TV.



Grimwood girlsEdit

  • Miss Grimwood- The headmistress of the school.
  • Sibella- The daughter of Dracula, she has the ability to change into a bat at times.
  • Elsa Frankenteen- The daughter of Frankenstein, she is also very strong.
  • Winnie Werewolf- The daughter of a werewolf.
  • Phantasma- The daughter of a ghost, she also plays the organ.
  • Tanis - The daughter of a mummy and the youngest of the girls.

Calloway cadetsEdit

  • Colonel Calloway- The head of Calloway military school.
  • Tug Roper- Considered to be the leader of the cadets.
  • Miguel- The inventor of the group.
  • Jamal Williams- The tallest and most skilled of the cadets.
  • Grunt- The biggest member of the cadets, despite being overweight, he is very athletic.
  • Baxter- The smallest member of the group.


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