The Pterodactyl Ghost is actually Jonathan Jacobo disguised in a Pterodactyl suit. The Pterodactyl Ghost is realated to the 2 cryptids that are flying reptiles: the Kongamato and the Ropen.

The Scooby Doo Show EditEdit

The Pterodactyl Ghost was a scary creature. It terrorized a hang gliding contest. He turned out to be Jonathan Jacobo. Reviewing the episode, the name Jonathan Jacobo is not actually mentioned in the episode. The criminal's only given name was John. Also, the sceme the ghost was used for in the episode and the live-action movie are not the same either. Jonathan Jocabo, the indentity of the ghost.

Scooby-Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed EditEdit

Jonathan Jacobo EditEdit

In this movie we had a flashback scene to the gang's original case, although it was a completely different story to the one from the show. Here he was a man in mechanical wings and a mask, and he robbed banks to pay for his crazy experiments on creating real monsters. Then it was supposed that Jonathan died falling off of the prison roof trying to escape. He had actually survived and was the mastermind behind the whole mystery in the movie. He made another Pterodactyl Ghost costume and made a monster out of it. The Pterodactyl Ghost tried to catch Scooby-Doo in the monster battle, but the Pterodactyl Ghost didn't know where he was going while he watched Scooby catch the control panle and the Pterodactyl Ghost splats in the Tar Monster's Belly and he drowns in the tar and is extinct. The Pterodactyl Ghost was lying dead in the tar when the Skeleton Men and the Tar Monster start to die. The Pterodactyl Ghost was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in the film

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