Spooky WookyEdit

The gang got a letter from an unknown person who told that he needs help and asked the gang to come as fast as possible (location not told). While driving in the Mystery Machine, the kids encounter a bridge washout, and they go through a detour. The gang encounter a car with some people which are driving "like they have just seen a ghost". Then, the kids arrived at a hotel, where a old man offers them a room for the night (because the Mystery van crashed). Later, they see a spooky ghost, and then are driving away from the hotel. While drving they find out that the washout is a phoney big backdrop. Then they stop and start making a plan to capture the ghost. Freddy dresses as a crazy old man, and the others as some creatures. The plan is put in function, as they scared the old man, which ran away. Then the magician Spooky shows up explaining them everything. ==

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