While digging up clams on the beach, the gang notice that the lights have come on in the Funland amusement park, which isn't slated to open for weeks. Investigating, they find everythi


ng running and open for business; mysteriously, they are able to order food and play games, though they don't see anyone setting up the sideshows or taking their money. Eventually, Scooby and Shaggy catch sight of a fast-walking, robotic figure whom they chase into the Hall of Mirrors. Freddy and the girls follow the same figure to the Ferris Whe
el; the figure vanishes after riding it to the top. As they wonder at this, the lights begin going off around the park.

They alert the caretaker to what is going on, but he and his sister don't believe the gang's story. The kids go back to stakeout Funland, and soon enough it comes back to life, but it seems to have gone haywire, spitting out food and running the rides backwards. They spot the mysterious figure and chase it into the Tunnel Love, where they are scuttled when the figure rams their boat. It then chases Scooby and Shaggy onto the Roller Coaster, and they only narrowly escape. The kids rig up an electric car to chase the strange man, but it careens out of control and Velma loses her glasses; they come to a stop only after running into the cotton candy machine. The gang then sets a trap and sends Scooby out as bait. The stranger chases Scooby but breaks through the trap and a brick wall. The caretaker then appears and explains that the figure is Charlie, a robot designed to run the park, who has gotten out of control.

With Jenkins's help, the gang go out with a giant electromagnet to capture Charlie. The magnet fouls up Charlie's circuits, but Sarah Jenkins steps forward and confesses that she was the one who originally sabotaged Charlie, arguing that an amusement park full of children is no place for a robot.

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  • Wouldn't a robot with this kind of strength and endurance be of more interest to the Pentagon than the management of Funland?

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