{{Infobox |Box title = Daphne Blake |Row 1 title = Full Name: |Row 1 info = Daphne Anne Blake |Row 2 title = Species: |Row 2 info = Human |Row 3 title = Gender: |Row 3 info = Female |Row 4 title = Race: |Row 4 info = American |Row 5 title = Family Members; |Row 5 info = * [[George Blake (Father)

  • Elizabeth Blake (Mother)
  • Daisy Blake (Sister)
  • Dawn Blake (Sister)
  • Dorothy Blake (Sister)
  • Delilah Blake (Sister)

|Row 6 title = Voices By: |Row 6 info = Grey DeLisle}}__NOTOC

Daphne Anne Blake is the "pretty girl" of the group. She's dramatic, caring and hooked on Fred Jones .She is usually the damsel in distress, since the monster catches her first.

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