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Plot summaryEdit

A mysterious ghost in a green-glowing deep-sea diving suit lead the kids to a local fisherman who explains the ghost is Captain Butler, whose ship sank when struck by another ship. The Captain's wife is a witch who has conjured him back from the dead, and the captain is now doing a ghostly job of stealing ships. When the kids go searching underwater in the graveyard of ships, they find that the good captain is in fact alive, and after stealing the ships using a hidden cave inside the village cove to repaint and sell the stolen boats.


Episode Cast (in credits order)Edit
[1] Nicole Jaffe ... Velma (voice)
[2] Casey Kasem ... Shaggy (voice)
[3] Don Messick ... Scooby Doo (voice)
[4] Vic Perrin ... Additional Voices (voice)
[5] Hal Smith ... Additional Voices (voice)
[6] John Stephenson ... Additional Voices (voice)
[7] Jean Vander Pyl ... Additional Voices (voice)
[8] Frank Welker ... Fred (voice)
[9] Stefanianna Christopherson ... Daphne (voice)


User Rating:7.5/10 26 votes »Edit
Writing creditsEdit
Ken Spears (story) &
Joe Ruby (story) &
Bill Lutz (story)

Directed byEdit
Joseph Barbera
William Hanna
TV Series:"Scooby Doo, Where Are You!" (1969)Edit
Original Air Date:20 September 1969 (Season 1, Episode 2)Edit
Genre:Animation | Family | Mystery | Comedy | AdventureEdit


The sea-diving ghost's roar came from the "Abominable Snowman" sketch of the second episode of Stan Freberg's 1957 CBS radio show.


Continuity: In the scene where Shaggy sits down on the rock that opens the secret passage, Shaggy says "I thought that rock looked pretty suspicious." Shaggy's hair is blonde when he says this.

Continuity: At the restaurant when the kids are reading the newspaper, Scooby puts straws together to steal from Shaggy's drink, and succeeds until Shaggy cuts the straw. After Velma says, "That solves the mystery!" the focus is on four drinks on the table, and they are all full. Shaggy never got a refill.

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